"O+Home" Galaxy/Railway Outdoor Exhibition

Contemporary fashion trends is regarded as the observation background, extending into four main lines: "Cosmic Line" —connecting human with the data base design observation, Chinese Fad Line—human is connected with the culture design observation; "Out of Order Line"—linking human value with the design observation; "Art Line" Outdoor Installations—opening up a conversation between different areas and generations on “aesthetics” in contemporary society. Setting up multi-variant speculation lines on site, furthermore, inserting into the creative processing procedure and results. “Design regulations changing regularly in the recognition structure. “Art” is no longer what people think before, just as the exhibition’s theme "Galaxy/ Railway, Brainpower Observation Day on the Horizon", fashionable people are experiencing the sentimental design life, creative workers, wandering around the railway lines and get inspired. Cross-style cooperation and creativity, super interface and catalyst, providing different paths and strategies. New energies stimulate inspirations on culture, industry and design, turning into new vitality in real practices.