We won the 5th REARD Global Design Award
In 2020, the 5th REARD Global Design Award and the second REARD Urban Development List has wecomed it's new Awards Celebration season. CROX stands out from the thousands of projects: Nabel Slab Techonology & Culture Center won the Bronze Prize of Architecture Future Design in Culture Category; Yunshan Art Museum was nominated as the Best Design of the Interior Built, Culture Category.
Rooted in residential、commercial, urban development、industrial、culture & tourism areas etc. Judges conclude Pritzker Prize operation executive  Martha Thorne, the University of Sheffield Lanscape design Department professor Eckart Lange, Time architecture operation director & chief editor Dai Chun and other academic experts, real estate developer, consultant and media practices. The judging process adapted the newest procedure that evaluate the participatants from the social impacts, economic benefits and environmental benefits, devoting to "looking for the best design in China, finding the real soul of design".